Darla Adams Consulting - Medical-Legal Strategies
The Legal Nurse Consultant as a member of the Litigation Team
     Legal Nurse Consultants, or LNCs, are Registered Nurses who have chosen to use their knowledge and expertise to help litigators de-mystify the medical issues in legal cases.  LNCs are involved in plaintiff and defense cases.
     As professionals, they follow their medical ethics of confidentiality in clinical communications as well as the American Bar Association ethics.
     Any case with medical issues involved offers a potential morass of information.  The nurse consultant provides an insuders perspective of the practices and procedures of the health care industry as well as an in-depth understanding of the medical facts and patient care issues.
     The LNCs work is time-saving and cost-effective in the litigation process and can provide the critical advantage attorneys need to win their case.
A few brief examples:
     An LNC notices that a congenital spine defect was documented on a previously unnoticed supplement to a radiologist's report.  Testimony revealed that the congenital defect was the true cause of the litigant's problem rather than a slip and fall which had been the basis of the suit. Result:  the case settled for $800,000 less than the demand.
     Records not previously obtained from an evaluating neurologist held the key to the plaintiff's case. Result:  the Plaintiff's attorney settled the case for $300,000 more than had first been offered as settlement.
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